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drop in kids care

Child care you can trust.

Reservations NOT required but ENCOURAGED!

Monday-Thursday 8AM-8PM
Friday 8AM-10PM
Saturday 8Am-10PM

Courtney's Drop In Kid's Care is a childcare service that provides drop in care to children from infancy through 12 years of age. Drop-in/short-term child care is defined by law in G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) as a child care arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related, and where the parents are on the premises or otherwise easily accessible within 15 minutes.

As parents we all love spending time with our kids, but sometimes there's that task to be finished- or you just need a moment to yourself! Either way, Courtney's is your secure, trusted, on-demand childcare facility! From drop in hourly care, to daily and weekly service, Courtney's has all your childcare needs in one place!

What we do

NO Membership Fees
No Enrollment Fees


who we are

Courtney’s Drop In Kids Care is family owned and operated. As a mother of four young children myself, I understand the needs and demands of an active family! I can relate to parents needing a convenient, reliable, safe, positive child care option for their family. As a mother, I also understand the natural curiosity and playfulness of young children! Both parents and children need an outlet and healthy time to get away and play! My hope is that parents use our facility for various needs. You may want to run errands, attend appointments, have a date night with your spouse or friends, or simply take well deserved time to pamper yourself. We are here to help you! There is no appointment or reservation necessary. Your children will have fun while they are here, and you’ll be confident your most precious gifts are well taken care of while they are in our care.

Children have always been an important part of my life. My sister, Courtney, was seven years younger than me, and I helped care for her while growing up. I’ve cared for many different families over the years in various capacities. I even worked in a drop-in child care facility as my very first job!

~ Heather Rudd, Founder ~




Hourly Care

Drop off for an hour- or the whole day! Our hourly care offers flexibility with no membership or reservations.

Date Night

Open until 8PM on weekdays and 10PM on weekends, schedule a date night, but not your sitter! No reservations necessary

After School

Check out our Afterschool Program! Drop off anytime after 2PM with pickup by 7pm. Early releases included.

Infant Care

We love babies! We take infants 6 months and up. Call for more information.


Temperature checks at drop off for ALL children and staff. 

COVID Questionnaires for parents at drop off. 

Software system to conduct contact tracing if necessary. 

Regular handwashing and sanitizing. 

Face masks are required for staff. Suggested for children, but not required. 

Frequent cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing of toys and surfaces. 

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