Hourly care

We offer hourly drop-in care Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm, and 8am to 10pm on Friday & Saturday. The cost is simply $12 per hour, per child. Siblings each receive a 10% discount. (Need full days? Check out our day pass options)

Discounted PrePaid Packages 

Packages are bulk childcare hours that do not expire and may apply to the entire family! Ask us about 10% off your first package purchase!

Purple Package

25 Hours

$250 ($10/hr)

Blue Package

50 Hours

$475 ($9.50/hr)

Yellow Package

100 Hours

$850 ($8.50/hr)

Red Package

125 Hours

$998.75  ($7.99/hr)

Rainbow Package

225 Hours

$1575 ($7/hr)

Date Night Packages

Offering Date Night Packages! Buy 5 or 10 Date Nights and Save Big! Each date night is valid for 4 hours starting at 4PM daily! Use them between the hours of 4-8PM Monday-Thursday and 4pm-10pm Friday and Saturday!

5 Date Nights: $150 (Just $30 each date night!)

            with dinner included: $175

10 Date Nights: $250 (Just $25 each date night!)

             with dinner included: $300

Summer Flex Options

We are offering our Bulk Day Passes throughout the year to ensure parents have a more affordable option for No School Days as well as Remote Learning! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about how we can assist your family this fall! (Age 4+, weekdays only)
FULL DAY OPTIONS: (Up to 8 Hours/day between 8AM-6PM)
1 Day: $60/day ($7.50/hr)

3 Days: $165 = $55/day ($6.87/hr)

5 Days: $250 = $50/day ($6.25/hr)
10 Days: $450 = $45/day ($5.62.hr)
20 Days: $800 = $40/day ($5/hr)

**can be used non consecutively


One Month Unlimited Week Days, Up to 8 Hours Each Day: $850/month ($4.83/hr)
One Month Unlimited Week Days, Up to 8 Hours Each Day Siblings: $700/month ($3.97/hr)

*2 Month Commitment required for Unlimited plans! 

HALF DAY OPTIONS (Up to 4 Hours/day between 8AM-6PM)
Weekly Pass (5 Days): $150 = $30/day ($7.50/hr)
**must be used in the same week. 

**STUDENTS may bring their tablet or laptops for remote learning, Courtney's staff will be able to offer assistance throughout!

Remote Learning Options