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Frequently asked questions

What is drop in care and how does it work?

Drop in child care is a flexible option for families, paid by an hourly rate, where no reservation is necessary. Prepaid discounted packages are available for purchase. We also offer sibling discounts! Children ages 6 mo -12 years old attend our center.


Drop-in/short-term child care is defined by law in G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) as a child care arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related, and where the parents are on the premises or otherwise easily accessible.


What are your hours of operation?

Courtney's Drop In Kids Care is open Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm and Friday-Saturday 8AM-10PM, with extended hours as requested to meet your needs! We are here to help you! Kids have fun, while parents have fun!

What is the registration process like?

You can register ahead by downloading our registration form on our website. You can also register in person at your first visit. It only takes a few minutes. At your first visit we will also take a photo of each adult who is designated to drop off and/or pick up your child.  We will verify the photo at every pick-up!  In the event someone other than the parent or guardian is picking up your child, we will only release your child after verifying the adult’s identity with a state issued photo ID.


How is payment calculated?

Payments are required at pick up time. You will be charged to the exact minute your child was in our care. We do not round up. It's an actual time.  If you already have a prepaid package on file, then we will simply let you know how many hours and minutes were used, and how much time your family has left on account.  Our computer system is designed for our specific Drop In child care format and is capable of calculating multiple child discounts as well.


How do you ensure my child's safety?

We take safety extremely serious at Courtney's Drop In Kids Care! We have a commercially secure entry and exit door system. We also have an interior door for kids-only to enter the play area that is locked with a commercial system, and can only be unlocked by our staff by use of a key fob or code. Our center is protected by CPI security systems. We have a multiple security camera system as well.

What are your procedures in the event of illness/injury? 

In the event of an incident or injury, the child will be assessed and tended to. All of our caregivers are certified in first aid through the American Red Cross. We have an adequate first aid kit easily accessible at our center. The parent will be notified by a phone call if attention is needed. If it's not too serious, the parent will be notified at time of pick up. In the event of an emergency, our caregivers will first call for medical help (911) and THEN call the parent.  If there is a serious incident/injury/illness or emergency, a report will be filled out and signed by all caregivers present.

If a child shows signs of illness while in our care, the parent will be called and expected to pick their child up within 30minutes.  Please be considerate of all children at our center, and keep your child home while ill. We consider a child ill and unable to play with us if they show signs of the following:

Sore throat, unexplained rash, pink/watery eyes, persistent cough, runny nose (that is not of clear discharge), a fever of 100 degrees or higher, diarrhea, vomiting, evidence of lice or another infestation. 

Any child diagnosed with lice or a communicable disease may return to our center with a doctors note specifying the child is no longer contagious. If there is a report of a child with a communicable disease, our staff will notify all children that may have been exposed.


How do you handle behavior issues?

We encourage positive behavior and will redirect children when needed. We believe children want to explore, but desire healthy boundaries. We encourage free play with your child's safety in mind. If a child appears to be unsafe to themselves or other children, and isn't able to be redirected in a positive way, we will ask the child to take a few minutes to “reset”. We have a quiet area where we will help them calm their mind and body, relax, and reset themselves.  This is not meant as a punishment. It's a positive way to teach them self control and coping skills for their emotional health. Once they have reset, they will feel so much better and they may go back to playing when they feel ready. This method is very effective for children and will be led by a caregiver.


How do you ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene?

We proudly use Enviro-Master Cleaning Services for our center! Cleanliness is a high priority for the children in our care. Enviro-Master uses Sani-guard, which is an EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectant. Sani-guard systems are safe and effective in controlling viruses and bacteria.

We also encourage frequent hand washing of our staff and children. Before each snack and before meal time the children are required to thoroughly wash hands, and of course after the use of the restroom.

Our center is also a shoe free environment to ensure a hygienic play area for the little ones!


How much does your Drop In childcare cost?

Our hourly rate is $12. We offer pre-paid packages at an affordable rate. We also offer sibling discounts! We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

NO annual enrollment fee! NO membership fees! No commitments!

10% discount per sibling available (1 sibling=10%, 2nd sibling= 20%, 3rd+ sibling= 30%)

How is your staff certified?

All of our staff is CPR & First Aid certified by the American Red Cross. Each caregiver has also passed thorough background checks. Our caregivers all have a deep love for children and much experience working with children in various capacities.


What should my kids bring to play?

The only things you need to bring are diapers and wipes if your child isn't toilet trained. We have a changing table and designated area where we will keep your diaper bag if you wish to leave it. Please bring at least one diaper for each hour your child will be in our care. Our staff will regularly check your child and change anytime appropriate. We do carry some diapers here as well.


If your child is potty training, please keep us informed of their progress and also bring a change of clothes, labeled with your child's name. If you are a regular visitor, feel free to leave a change of clothes at our center.

In our entryway there are cubbies for each child to leave their shoes. Our play area is completely kid shoe free for the safety and hygiene of the children! Please bring socks or you can borrow a pair of ours.


What if I'm late picking up my child?

If you need us to stay open later than 10pm, please ask and we will try to accommodate your needs. Just please ask and we will help! Kids have fun, while parents have fun! In the event you are later than our closing time of 10pm, or previously agreed upon later time, we will charge $1.00 per minute past that time.


Can you administer medications for my child?

Unfortunately, our caregivers cannot give your child medication. Please do not send in any medicine with your child. We will administer life saving medication such as an Epi-pen.


How can I contact you?

You can reach our center by calling 919-381-4330. If the matter is time sensitive, PLEASE call the center. If your need isn't urgent, you can email me at 

Courtney's Drop In Kids Care is conveniently located in Falconbridge shopping center, just off I40, at the corner of Farrington Road and NC Highway 54.Our address is:

6118-D Farrington Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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